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In today's fast-paced world, people crave clear content that connects with them.

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Featured Work

Our portfolio of video projects.

Branding Videos

Our signature brand videos distill the most powerful elements of your business into a 1-3 minute video that can be seen by anyone, anywhere on any device. We cover the who, where, what and why in this powerful video asset.

This is Quality First - Brand Video

Client: Quality First Commercial

From DJ Competitions To Wedding Compilations - Brand Video

Client: The LoveRockers

Toast To Coast - Brand Video

Client: Knockaround x Green Flash Brewery

Jeff Walker - Brand Video

Client: Bearcat Tattoo

Let's Speak On Core Values - Brand Video

Client: The Longhairs

Testimonial Videos

Community is Crossfit - Testimonial Video

Client: Alpine Ranch Fitness

Jay-Z's Drummer Uses Munitio Headphones - Testimonial Video

Client: Munitio

Space Studies Knockaround - Testimonial Video

Client: QFC Real Estate

Space Studies Adrenaline Lacrosse - Testimonial Video

Client: QFC Real Estate

Grammy Nominated Producers Use Munitio Earbuds - Testimonial Video

Client: Munitio

Social Benefit

In today's fast-paced digital world, attention spans are shrinking, but video is STILL an instrument of choice for non-profits or philanthropic organizations. Good video creation is about forging authentic connections.

Class Acts - Social Benefit Video

Client: Knockaround

San Diego's First Hemp Expo - Social Benefit Video

Client: Honeyflower Events

Children With Hair Loss Charity Ball - Social Benefit Video

Client: The Longhairs

Product and Lifestyle Videos

The Golden State Premiums

Client: Knockaround

Limited Edition Flying Tigers Fort Knocks

Client: Knockaround

The Slap Shot Premiums

Client: Knockaround

A cameraman and a director filming a classic car
A cameraman and a director filming a classic car

Vizual Rhythm believes that "less is more", focusing on creating high-quality videos that are both effective and efficient. Our small but experienced team works closely with you to understand your needs and create video content aligning with your campaigns. Our strategy team combines proven sales, psychology, and storytelling techniques to convert attention into sales using powerful video content.

We don't just focus on what looks good, we care about what makes you and your business authentic.

About Vizual Rhythm

Meet Gavin, the owner

He grew up in sunny San Diego, between eucalyptus trees and 17 minutes away from the ocean.

Gavin has created video with multiple industries including e-commerce (high end audio, eyewear, action sports, and hair), service-based businesses (skilled trades and fitness), and non-profits.

His experience and deep understanding of communications, business, sales, and best path to market strategies give him a fully rounded understanding for what it takes to bring your customers to your product or service.

Gavin's clients are some of the top leaders in their markets. Our work has reached the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. He has helped them formulate messaging that led to fruitful results.